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Acne Toner 150 ml

Acne Toner 150 ml

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Acne Toner gives balance to your skin and makes it evenly toned. Silver and Fenugreek Extract keep your skin healthy and radiant. Allantoin soothes and moisturizes the skin. The toner leaves your skin fresh and mattified.

Novaclear Acne Toner is a skincare solution formulated to address common skin concerns and promote a healthier complexion through a carefully selected blend of active ingredients.

Key Features/Benefits

  1. Lasting Matte Finish: Novaclear Acne Toner has rich ingredients that regulate the skin and normalize sebum secretion for a lasting matte finish.
  2. Reduced skin inflammation: The product is antibacterial and reduces skin inflammation and aids in blemish control. It moisturizes and soothes the skin for a well-rounded care routine.
  3. Restores Skin Balance: Beyond the surface, this solution restores the skin's natural balance, minimizing excessive shine.
  4. Clearer Complexion: Silver ions work actively to address inflammation and promote antibacterial effects, contributing to a clearer complexion.

Who Should Use Novaclear Acne Toner

Ideal for individuals with oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. The acne toner is formulated to bring harmony to your skin's unique needs and make it toned.

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