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Naturals Argan Shine Hair Mask - 200ml

Naturals Argan Shine Hair Mask - 200ml

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A natural mask for dry and dull hair restores shine and elasticity
Hair Mask Argan Shine is a natural mask for dry and dull hair, rich in natural oils and plant extracts. The hair mask nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates the hair, also nourishing the scalp. After using the mask, hair is smooth, moisturized and full of shine.

Key Ingredients:
- Cotton seed oil: Accelerates and regenerates the hair structure, softening it and giving it a healthy, natural shine. It also supports the regeneration of brittle hair and split ends
- Argan oil: Recommended for supporting hair regeneration after hairdressing treatments. Additionally, it strengthens the hair and prevents breakage
- Sunflower seed oil: Gives the hair a delicate protective filter against UV radiation, nourishes and smoothes it
- Vegetable glycerin: Effectively and deeply moisturizes the hair thanks to the ability to bind water in it, and specially selected oils create a delicate film that prevents its evaporation to the outside
- Vitamin E: Strengthens the hair, adds shine and improves its condition
- Inulin: Regenerates and strengthens, as a result of which the hair becomes properly moisturized and gains volume
The mask, thanks to the content of natural oils, creates a delicate film on the hair that smoothes and retains water. As an emollient mask, it is also perfect for high porosity hair and damaged hair prone to frizz. Additionally, thanks to its extremely delicate formula, it is safe for sensitive scalp.
The mask can also be used interchangeably as a hair conditioner, shortening the time of keeping it on the hair to 2-3 minutes

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