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Naturals Argan Shine Hair Shampoo - 250ml

Naturals Argan Shine Hair Shampoo - 250ml

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Natural shampoo restoring shine to dry and dull hair
Hair Shampoo Argan Shine is a natural hair shampoo designed for the care of dry, dull hair and sensitive scalp. The basic ingredient of the shampoo is a gentle cleansing formula based on exceptionally mild ingredients of plant origin.

Key Ingredients:
- The main washing ingredient in the shampoo for dry and dull hair is BEAUTYCARE AR obtained from argan oil, which maintains its moisturizing and nourishing properties . It provides gentle protection against harmful external factors.
- Active ingredients, appropriately selected for the type of hair, strengthen the protective barrier and skin microbiome, improve the elasticity of the hair and nourish it during washing.
- Inulin: Gives softness and volume to the hair which regains its natural shine and vitality after washing
- The combination of natural sugar prebiotics effectively fights excessive dryness and irritation and helps fight unpleasant itching and dandruff . Additionally, they provide strong hydration and strengthen the natural lipid barrier of the skin
- Vegetable glycerin: Supports the hydration of the skin and hair, and prevents water evaporation by creating a delicate film on their surface

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