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Novaclear Panthenol Cream

Novaclear Panthenol Cream

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Novaclear Panthenol Cream offers a soothing solution for sun-irritated skin. It contains 10% D-Panthenol, which is known for its soothing properties. This cream adds a protective layer while promoting skin relief and faster regeneration, ensuring your skin remains moisturized after sun exposure.

Key Benefits & Features:

10% D-Panthenol: The primary ingredient, D-Panthenol, soothes sun-irritated skin and forms a protective layer. It enhances the skin's resilience against environmental stress.

Licorice Root Extract: Known for its skin-relieving properties, Licorice Root Extract contributes to calming the skin and reducing discomfort caused by sun exposure.

Vitamin E: Enriched with Vitamin E, this cream supports faster skin regeneration, aiding in the restoration of the skin's natural balance.

Aloe Vera Moisturization: Infused with Aloe Vera, the cream ensures long-lasting moisturization, preventing excessive dryness and helping retain the skin's natural hydration.

Post-Sun Hydration: When used after every sun exposure, this cream acts as a preventive measure against excessive dryness, supporting the maintenance of the skin's hydration levels.

Who Should Use:

Novaclear Panthenol Cream is suitable for those seeking relief and care for sun-irritated skin. Whether you've spent a day outdoors or are looking to maintain your skin's health after sun exposure, this cream is a practical addition to your skincare routine. Ideal for all skin types, it works to prevent dryness and supports the regeneration of the skin, promoting a healthier complexion.

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