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Pine Cica Ampoule - 30ml

Pine Cica Ampoule - 30ml

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  • Quick acting remedy for hormonal breakouts, acne, rosacea. Effectively improve and fortify skin barrier. Pine Cica Ampoule is easily absorbed, leaving skin feeling better and well hydrated. With 80.4% Pine Cica Activer, a unique ingredient that combines Pine Leaf Extract, Vegetable Protein Glycoprotein, and 5-CICA ingredients, Pine Calming Cica Ampoule works swiftly to address skin troubles caused by external stimuli and to expedite skin restoration.

    - Moisturizes dry skin
    - Anti-oxidant effect for anti- aging of skin
    - Anti-inflammatory
    - Antibacterial
    - Helps calm troubled or irritated skin
    - Restoration of skin structure and elasticity

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